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We never sell our data to brokers or sellers so beware!

As the organisers, we do not sell our data nor do we work with data brokers or sellers. Other than ourselves as the organiser, no third-party organisation will be in possession of our show data. In this post-GDPR world, we are more careful than ever about how data is dealt with within Northstar. 

If you receive an email saying you can buy the show database, do not be tempted to follow this up, instead, delete the email.

Another scam we regularly see is companies misleading exhibitors by claiming to offer an online listing service which is sometimes mistaken for the official show guide. 
Please note that we are not producing an official show guide and our exhibitors will only be able to update their profile in the e-zone which will then transfer to Swapcard for our onsite event app. You should not expect to fill out any other paperwork for catalogues.

Be vigilant as to what you are signing and if in doubt, please do contact us.

We recommend checking out this handy guide from the AEO - read here.