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Kuoni Tumlare

Kuoni Tumlare

Experience the Ultimate in Sport Event Accommodation Booking!

We offer accommodation services, the easiest way to book and manage your Sport Event rooms with our user-friendly platform based on up-to-date internet requirements. The network of offices throughout the world is the cornerstone of our organization and ensures that we deliver the required services at any time from any destination. 

It is in our all interest to be a strong and valued service provider to you, your delegations, media, spectators, and all stakeholders involved in your Sport Event. We offer you:

  • Exclusive Negotiations
  • Transparent Contracts
  • 24/7 Support

In addition to our top-notch accommodation services, we also offer a full range of supplementary services, including social events management, transfer services coordination or Hospitality Programmes for Sponsors, to enhance your overall experience.

Schedule an appointment with us and elevate your Sport event experience to new heights! 


Kuoni Global Travel Services (Schweiz) AG
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