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A Case Study in Horsepower: ExCeL London

19 Jun 2024
Case Study

Our host venue at ExCeL London has a storied sports history, having served as home to seven Olympic sports in 2012. But since then, it has been home to a range of events, including some of the most ambitious like Formula E, which has run its high-tech cars literally through the middle of the center during races, and equestrian events that require their own unique logistics. In this session, hear from building officials on how they’ve adapted to serve different sports, and how the venue has accommodated everything from race cars to horses.

Jamie Harvie, Head of Event Management - ExCeL London
James Rees, Executive Director (C&E) - ExCeL London
Marisa Beckman, Operations Manager - London International Horse Show
Jason Gewirtz, Vice President/Executive Editor and Publisher - Northstar Meetings Group Sports Division/SportsTravel